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i 5.—The same; but at night
10.    Jt-th Badi 1L—-Ras 3IandaL
11.    Jeth Sudi 5.—Jal Jainu
On the full moon of Jeth, Gaj-graha ka mela.* representation of a fight
between aa elephant and a crocodile in the tank at the back of the Seth's-
Asdrh (June—July).
12.    Asdrh Svdi 2,—Rath Jatra,    The god's collation, or bhog, consists or
this day only of mangoes, jdman fruit and chand.
13.    Asdrh full mom*—Dhlo dhlo ka mela at Madan Mohan, followed by
the Paraa Pariksha.
Srdran (Jnly—-August}*
14.    Srdcan Badi 5.—Badha Baman Ji ka dhlo dhio.   Mourning for the
death of G-osain Gopal Bhattj the founder of the temple.
15.    Srdmn Badi 8.—Gokulanand ka dhio dhio.   Mourning for the death
of Grosain Gokulanand.
18.    Srdvan Sudi 3.—Hindol? or Jhiil-Jatra.    Swinging festival
17.    Srdmn Sudi 9.—Fair at the Brahin Kund.
18.    Srdtan Sudi 11.—Pavitra-dharan, or presentation of Brahmanical
19.    Srdvan full TOOOJI*—Fair at the Gyan-gadari.
Bhddon (August—September.)
20.    BJtddon l$adi 8.—Janin Ashtami.    Krishna's hirthday.
21.    BMdon I$adi 9.—Climbing a greasy pole, which is set up outside the
temple of Rang Jiy with a dhoti; a lota, five sers of sweetmeats, and Us. 5 on the
top, for the mnn who can succeed in getting them.   This takes place in the after-
room.    In the evening, the Nanclotsay, or festival in honour of Handa, is
held at the Sringar-bat? and continued through the night with music and
22.   BMdon Sudi 8.—            Ashtami     Badha's  Mrfhday,    A large
assemblage alsa at the Manni Das ki tatti by the Nidh-ban, in honour of a saint
•who        a T0w of perpetual silence.
23»                 Sudi 11.—Jal JhoM meiaj or Karwatni,i the taming of the
in Ms four months' sleep.